Pyramid USB operated Hand Carved Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

Pyramid USB operated Hand Carved Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

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Beautiful, Hand-carved Himalayan Salt Lamp A Woodside Foods Ltd Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lamp not only adds unique natural beauty to your home or office, it also helps clear the air, relax your mind and enhance your mood. Each lamp is hand carved, carefully selected for colour and beauty, high-quality rock salt from the Himalayas in Pakistan. Benefits of Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lamp: Rich in minerals, Himalayan salt is also rich in colour and character. It is believed to emit negative ions, which we typically experience by the sea, a rushing river or waterfall, in the forest and after a thunderstorm. Negative ions help cleanse the air, promote oxygenation in your brain and even boost your mood. Benefits:  Adds warm, gentle rosy glow and natural beauty to your home or office  Emits negative ions, which promotes positive mood, relaxation and calmness while helping purify the air  Help’s counteract electromagnetic fields ( EMFs) from TVs, computers, phones, wireless internet, etc.  Great Feng Shui feature – helps promote positive energy flow and reduce “stuck chi”  A natural meditation aid for focus or ambiance. Features:  Approximate weight 1kg  Includes- a switch and U.K approved USB cord, easy-to-change bulb assembly and E14 bulb, with stainless steel convenience lamp plate on a circular wooden base  Hand-carved from genuine Himalayan rock salt Instructions:  For indoor use only  Salt tends to draw moisture from the air, so it is normal for lamp to “sweat” occasionally. If the lamp begins to sweat, simply pat down with dry cloth or paper towel  It is safe to leave your lamp on for continuous room enhancement  If you intend to store the Lamp unused for a period of time, place it in its original box or a plastic bag and store it in a moisture-free environment.  It is always best to place the Lamp on a protected surface since a salt lamp may sweat at various times


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